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We have home bred and Scottish bulls that you can use over your Highland females to improve various characteristics in your fold. We carefully select these animals based on structure, fleshing and Highland character, as well as making sure their pedigrees are unique and therefore useful to the majority of breeders in Australia, and overseas.

Sales of 10 or more straws attract a 10% discount, and 20 or more doses will see a 20% discount. (prices range from $50.00 - $150.00 per dose). This discount will apply even if you buy doses from multiple bulls.

The only other cost is getting the straws transported to you. Shipping can be easily arranged via courier to your nearest artificial breeding centre or vet, or if your AI technician was going past our storage centre in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, they are welcome to drop in to pick up the straws.

Calum Seoladair Dubh 2nd of Killochries
(UK GRA010077)
(Available in Australia)
Thickness, muscle expression and very traditional pedigree. Structurally impeccable & great Highland heads
(head shape, hair and horns)
Calum exudes carcass qualities and correctness. His calves are quiet, thick and have strong toplines. They are very true to type
and Calum significantly improves hair, shortens heads and consistently lifts his heifers' horns.
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Uallach Dubh 6th of Pollok
(UK NEP 080335)
(Available in Australia & New Zealand)
Big, black
Great Feet
This bull has been imported for his frame and feet. He has a very quiet disposition and a lovely short Highland head.
He calves have great temperaments, as well as inheriting his size and traditional horn shape.
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Lord Montagu of Old Greenlaw
(UK BE055400002)
(Available in Australia)
Old, Scottish bloodlines, unique to Australia. Bred for longivity as well as size and muscle expression.
A remarkable pedigree for a docile bull with considerable size and muscling.
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Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI
(AU 6,262) (USA 49,802)
(Available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa, Russia, and some others)
Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI (6262) First Autralian Highland
to be
 registered in the USA.
This is a very square bull who stands with a post at each corner every time in the paddock and
allows access to the single most successful AI sire line introdced to Australia -
Rushmore Brackn (UK 7,582).
To see more about Sammy and his progeny,
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Brogach 4th of Craigowmill Improves feet, muscling and Highland character in his calves.

This exciting new bull has sired several calves for us in 2009 & 2010 and we are more than impressed with them. He has some modern Scottish genetics but still produces very traditional calves. Brogach is from a line of very functional Highlands, being from one of the largest folds in Scotland, where they breed for functional cattle with beefing attributes. Notably he improves feet and muscling over the plates as prominently as any sire we have used.

(see 'Use of AI' article)

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Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6,759)
(Available in Australia & New Zealand)
Improves feet and bulk of muscle. Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6759) A rare sire of carcass and show characteristics.

Prince has produced more show winners than any other bull we have bred. He has more natural muscle and fleshing than any bull we have bred. He has impeccable structure, great feet as well as some style & presence in the paddock and the ring.
In the 2015 Highland National Show in Mount Pleasant, South Australia, he sired the Grand Champion Female (Skye Kier of Delhaig) & Grand Champion Bull (Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley). In fact he sired 5 out of the 7 female class winners in the show. This is an elite sire, who has helped change how Highland cattle are viewed in Australia.

(see 'Use of AI' article)

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