Bairnsley Highland Beef

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Beef - Succulent & Tender

Bairnsley Highland Beef is available privately in our local area. You will not taste more tender, succulent meat. It is grown naturally and without hormones or in feed antibiotics - we guarantee that you will enjoy this "guilt-free", naturally raised beef. (More about our meat) One of our clients said, "I would never eat any other beef because I know your cattle are 'happy' and raised naturally."

Contact us if you are interested in some of this amazing, premium beef. It is sold in quarters (35-40kg lots) and includes:
* Steaks (eye fillet, rib eye, porterhouse, T-bone, rump, oyster blade, osso bucco)
* Roasts (bolar blade, rolled roast, rolled brisket, topside)
* Sausages (3 flavours - selection of tradional, beef & burgundy, mexican, tomato & onion, continental garlic)
* Pickled silverside and girello
* Schnizels
* Marinaded beef ribs
* Mince (very lean and flavoursome)
The meat is picked up from our butcher in Gisborne & is all vaccume sealed in 2-person portions (eg 2 steaks per bag, 1kg mince, 1.5-2.0kg roasts).