Willow Clarice of Delhaig (8,392)

(Owned by our daughter, Ashlyn Hastie, of Delhaig Highlands.)





Sire:             Uallach Dubh 1st of Bairnsley AI (8,048) {Bl}
Dam:           Skye Keir of Delhaig (7,519) {Bl}

DOB:           6-2-16

Colour:        Black (Bl-Bl - Homozygous black)

Comments:  This is a beautifully put together, stylish female. A beautiful mover, she is structurally impeccable and has good feet.


  Uallach Dubh 4th of Pollok (UK 9705) {Bl)
   Uallach Dubh 6th of Pollok (UK NEP080335)  
    Siusan Ruadh 45th of Pollok (UK NEP040188) {Y}
Uallach Dubh 1st of Bairnsley AI (8,048) {Bl}    
    Zeus of Swains (Can 6208) {R}
  Bean Dearg of Bairnsley ET (7292) {Br}  
     Lady Ruadh 2nd of Mapleview AI (USA 29,185)

   Sunset Limited Edition (Can 12,131) {Y}
  Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6759) {D}  
    Fern of Thistleridge (US37,037) {D}
Skye Keir of Delhaig (7,519) {Bl}    
    Gusgurlach of Windrush (Can 6015) 
   Iona Mab of Bairnsley ET (6842)  
      Peigi of Bairnsley AI (4883) {R}