Sonsie Dubh of Bairnsley (7,876) 

Sire:             Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6759)
Dam:            Sonasag Lass of Bairnsley AI (5,512)

DOB:            2-8-12

Colour:         Black  (Bl-R - Heterozygous)

Comments:  Sonsie Dubh is like all of our Prince females - square, wide & full of muscle. She stands on four good feet and her width underneath sees her very stable and able to make calves for the show ring and carcass competitions alike.

Her dam line sees many significant females, including Sona Pollach of Sea Crest, another black female that was crowned 2017 National Highland Show Supreme Exhibit. This line is full of stylish, classy females, including our very own Somalta of Bairnsley AI (7,284).



 Jock of Glengorm (UK 10,009) {R}
 Sunset Limited Edition (Can 12,131) {Y}
Sunset Eb's Harmony (Can 10,735) {Y}
Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6759) {D}
Top Gun 1st of MapleviewAI(US31,286) {W}
 Fern of Thistleridge (US37,037) {D}
Weatherhill Fern 2nd (US 33,617) {Bl}


Coinneach of Pollok (UK 7457) {R}
Fingal of Auchnacraig (UK 8082) {R} 
Walnut of Auchnacraig (UK 30,517) {R}
Sonasag Lass of Bairnsley AI (5,912) {Y}
Gille Coir of Pennygown (UK 6883) {Y}
 Sonsie Lass of Bairnsley AI (3721) {Y}
Grainne of Altnaharra  (2594) {R}