Sonasag Lass of Bairnsley AI (5,912)

Sonnasag Lass of Bairnsley AI (5912)

Sire:              Fingal of Auchnacraig (UK 8082)
Dam:             Sonsie Lass of Bairnsley AI (3721)

DOB:            1.5.05

Colour:         Yellow

Comments:  Sonasag is a well grown, stylish female with a lot of Highland character. She has tremendous volume with a perfect front end and impressive hook to pin length. She moves gracefully and is very square through the legs. With her impeccable breeding, she is the type of Highland for the future. (Not bad for an animal that was weaned at 6 weeks because her dam died suddenly.)

Ailish of Bairnsley AI (4881)
Somalta of Bairnsley AI (7,284) Ailish of Bairnsley AI (4,881)
Sona Pollach of Sea Crest AI (8,032) Sonsie Dubh of Bairnsley (7,876)



     Padruaig Ruadh of Douglas (UK 6914) {R}
  Coinneach of Pollok (UK 7457) {R}  
    Alison of Pollok (UK 29,688) {R} 
 Fingal of Auchnacraig (UK 8082) {R}    
    Donald Ruadh 3rd of Glenogle (UK 6909) {R}
   Walnut of Auchnacraig (UK 30,517) {R}  
    Marigold of Auchnacraig (UK 26,536) {R}


     Fraoch of Douglas (UK 6233) 
  Gille Coir of Pennygown (UK 6883) {Y}  
    Ellit of Glenforsa (UK 24070)
 Sonsie Lass of Bairnsley AI (3721) {Y}    
    Dughlas of Altnaharra ET (1864) {R}
   Grainne of Altnaharra  (2594) {R}  
    Sobhrach of Altnaharra ET (540) {R}