Silky of Strathbogie AI (3,787)

Silky of Strathbogie AI (3787)

Sire:               GOF Ralph 21R (Can 4094)
Lucinda of Macquarie (842) {R}

DOB:            19.4.94

Colour:         Red

Comments:  Silky is a deep bodied, well muscled Highland cow with a magnificent set of back twirling horns. She is very sound through the legs and pelvis and has well laid in shoulders. She has plenty of volume in her udder and nice, small teats.

Lara Croft of Bairnsley (5167)
Lara Croft of Bairnsley

Show Highlights

♦ Dam of the Junior Champion Heifer - 2003 National Show
            (Lara Croft of Bairnsley)


     GOF Jake 3J (Can 3162) {LR} 
  GOF Marshall 16M (Can 3636)    
    Deidre of Dibden (Can 2563) (UK)
 GOF Ralph 21R (Can 4094) {Br}    
    Emerlen Kollin (Can 3232)
   GOF Melinda 1M (Can 3490) {LR}  
    Emerlen Goldie (Can 2711)


     Who’s Hill Allister (USA 15993) {R}
  Trafalgar Undertaker (USA 19508) {LR}  
    Trafalger Queen (USA 18035) {LR}
 Lucinda of Macquarie (842) {R}    
    Hallmark 2nd of Trelissick (31) {R}
   Fraoch Beadarach of Macquarie (385)  
    Proiseag Ruadh of Trelissick (277) {R}