Sibeal Reidh of Bairnsley AI (5,914)

Sire:              DuBoise Le Coq (Can 12,293)
Dam:             Isobail of Cruachan (4167)

DOB:            21.7.05

Colour:         Red

Comments:  Sibeal is an extremely docile female with  some frame & a great set of horns. Her front end set up is ideal & she has a good udder & good feet. Sound back legs & width through the pins makes this female structurally very hard to fault.

Lord Ruaidhri of Bairnsley AI Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley (8027)

Show Highlights
Dam Of:

♦     Reserve Junior Champion Bull                    - 2014 National Show & Royal Melbourne Show (Feature Breed)
                Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley (8027)
♦     Junior Champion Bull                                  - 2013 National Show
                Lord Ruaidhri of Bairnsley AI

♦     Grand Champion Bull                                  - 2013 Royal Melbourne Show
                Lord Ruaidhri of Bairnsley AI



     Forcier 5F (Can 9596)
  DuBoise Heliaque (Can 10,941)  
    Delisle Candy (Can 6154)
 DuBoise Le Coq (Can 12,293)    
    Tamarach of Swains GBB 4T (Can 4302)
   Amber of Morgan (Can 6,736)  
    Samantha of Norgrove (Can 4196)


     Trafalgar Benedict (USA 24228) {R}
  Tearlach of Cruachan (ET)(2612){R}  
    Mointeag of Trelessick (640) (UK 35545) {R}
 Isobaile of Cruachan (4176) {R}    
    GOF Xerxes 2X (Can 5191)
  Leadarra of Cruachan ET (3428) {R}  
    Croftgrass Marna VIII (Can 4834)