Sassenach Dubh of Bairnsley AI (8,607)

8 months old


Sire:             Calum Seoladair Dubh 2nd of Killochries (UK GRA010077) {Bl}
Dam:            Bean Dearg of Bairnsley ET (7292) {Br}

DOB:            1-10-17

Colour:        Black  (Bl-R - Heterozygous black)

Comments:  Sassy has tremendous thickness and Highland character. Her eye appeal comes from stong topline & loin, as well as her femininity and neck extension. With some wonderful breeding behind her, she exudes class and is everything you could want in a Highland female to breed calves for the show ring and for table.

Show Highlights

♦     Junior Champion Female                                    - 2018 VHBG Victorian State Highland Show




    Gille Dubh of Ardeonaig (TAR897517) {Bl}
  Calum Seoladair Dubh of Killochries (GRA980065) {Bl}
    Malda Dubh 5th of Rigg (HOR910070) {Bl}
 Calum Seoladair Dubh 2nd of Killochries (UK GRA010077) {Bl}
    Phoil of Cailaich (UK MCU877249) {Bl}
   Una 7th of Rigg (HOR900072) {Bl}  
    Una 2nd of Rigg (UK HOR8530584) {Bl}

     Tosgaire of Glengorm (UK/Can 4282)
  Zeus of Swains (Can 6208) {R}
    Gille Buidhe's Rhodora of Swains(Can3883)
Bean Dearg of Bairnsley ET (7292) {Br}  
    Scott of Craycombe (UK 7557)
   Lady Ruadh 2nd of Mapleview AI (USA 29,185)  
    Lady Luck 59 (USA 38, 539)