Roimhach 2nd of Bairnsley AI (8,021)

Sire:              Lord Montagu of Old Greenlaw (UK BE055400002)
  Roimhach of Bairnsley AI (6525)

DOB:            31.3.13

Colour:         Red

Comments:  Rommy 2nd is an elegant and correct, long female with a tidy udder and near perfect hip placement and fill across the plates. She loves a brush in the paddock and with this pedigree and her type, will be a long term part of our fold.


     Jock 26th of Leys (UK XXX857171)
  Ruaidhri 5th of Flodden (UK HIM927709)  
    Claire 11th of Ormsary (UK LIO8329764)
 Lord Montagu of Old Greenlaw (UK BE055400002)    
    Kennapole of Rothiemurchus (UK GRR776759)
   Lady Jane of Old Greenlaw (UK DHO8430122)
    Betidh 17th of Douglas(UKHOH7927631)


Wallace of Achnacloich (UK 7,199)
  Rushmore Bracken (UK 7582) {Y}
  Fleur of Windsworth (UK 31,185)
 Roimhach of Bairnsley AI (6525)
   Baudhach Og of Bairnsley AI(5007) {Br}
   Regan of Bairnsley (5521) {R}
   Quality of Macquarie (2871) {R}