Priseile Mor of Bairnsley AI (6524)

Sire:              Rushmore Bracken (UK 7582)
Dam:             Leeandra of Tarra Valley ET (3779)

DOB:            25.2.07

Colour:         Yellow

Comments:  This is a cow we expect to produce some good show stock over time. She has frame & volume with great feet & a very quiet disposition. She has a near perfect udder with small teat size and good depth of flank & impressive length.



Prionnsa 4th Leys (UK 6,792) 
Wallace of Achnacloich (UK 7,199)
Cuailean 56th of Achnachloic (UK 24,909)
Rushmore Bracken (UK 7582) 
Rory Ruadh 3rd of Hungerhill (UK 7,069)
Fleur of Windsworth (UK 31,185)
Fraoch (M) of Pollok (UK 26,432) 


     GOF Xerxes 2X (Can 5191)
  Trafalgar Benedict (USA 24228) {R}  
    Trafalgar Olivia (US 16108)
 Peigi of Bairnsley AI (4883) {R}    
    GOF Ralph 21R (Can 4094) {Br}
   Leeandra of Tarra Valley ET (3779) {LR}  
    Mamuthli Wanda 1W (Can 4685) {R}