Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6,759)

Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6759)

Prince - 1 month old Prince - 5 months old Prince - 6 months old
1 month old 3 months old 6 months old
Prince - 9 months old Prince - 13 months old Prince - 18 months old
9 months old 13 months old 18 months old

Sire:              Sunset Limited Edition AI (Can 12,131) {Y}
   Fern of Thistleridge (US 37,073) {D}

DOB:            29.7.08

Colour:         Dun

Comments:  Prince is a truly unique Highland bull, in both pedigree and type. He has excellent feet and as much thickness and muscle expression in the back end as you will see in a modern Highland bull. His structural correctness is a bonus. All this and explosive early growth - the best 200 day weight of any Highland we have produced.

Prince is a result of an embryo program that we organised after hand picking his sire and dam in a trip through North America. Sunset Limited Edition, was chosen for his ability to improve beefing qualities, Highland character and feet in his progeny. He is by far the best performed sire in Canada and the USA in recent years, producing numerous national grand champions.

Prince's dam, Fern, was chosen after visiting some of the most well known breeders in North America. She was everything we were looking for in a Highland matriarch. Her impeccable structure and muscle expression were unmatched. Her arrow-straight topline and width gives her the body and look that turns heads in the paddock and the show ring.

35 kg 273 kg 444 kg 654 kg 814 kg 4 38 cm

Raineach Odhar of Bairnsley (7579)  Skye Keir of Delhaig (7519) Ronnachmore Odhar of Bairnsley (7,761)
Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley (8027) Iseabail Buidhe of Glenstrae (8041) Sonsie Dubh of Bairnsley (7,876)

Show Highlights
♦     Grand Champion Bull & Supreme Exhibit             - 2010 National Show
                    (at 21 months of age - 593kg, EMA-110cm
, fat 8/5)
♦     Grand Champion Bull & Supreme Exhibit             - 2009 Royal Melbourne Show
                    (at 13 months of age - 462kg, EMA-91cm
, fat 6/5)

♦     Reserve Junior Champion Bull                              - 2009 National Show
                    (at 9 months of age - 353kg, EMA-90cm
, fat 6/4)

Sire of:
♦    Reserve Junior Champion Female        - 2014 Highland National Show & Royal Melbourne Show  (Highland Feature)

(Iseabail Buidhe of Glenstrae (8041))
♦    Reserve Junior Champion Bull               - 2014 Highland National Show & Royal Melbourne Show  (Highland Feature)
   (Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley (8027))
♦     Reserve Junior Champion Female         
- 2013 National Show
Ronnachmore Odhar of Bairnsley)

♦     Grand Champion Female                       - 2012 Royal Canberra Show
                    (Raineach Odhar of Bairnsley)
♦     Reserve Junior Champion Female          - 2012 National Show
                    (Skye Keir of Delhaig)
♦     Junior Champion Female                      - 2012 State Highland Champiopnship Show (Clunes)
                    (Raineach Odhar of Bairnsley
♦     Reserve Junior Champion Female         -
2012 State Highland Champiopnship Show (Clunes)
                    (Ronnachmore Odhar of Bairnsley)


Jock of Benmore (UK 6,800) {R}
  Jock of Glengorm (UK 10,009) {R}
Bheadareachd of Glengorm (UK 23,451) {R}
 Sunset Limited Edition (Can 12,131) {Y}
Gusgurlach of Windrush (Can 6,015) {Y}
   Sunset Eb's Harmony (Can 10,735) {Y}  
Ebony-Lass of Sunset (Can 8,590) {Bl}


 Ruger of Mapleview AI (US 26,594) {R}
Top Gun 1st of MapleviewAI(US31,286) {W}
Finola of Dirtaine (US 20,864) {W}
Fern of Thistleridge(US37,037) {D}
Duce of Hart's (US 30,383) {Bl}
   Weatherhill Fern 2nd (US 33,617) {Bl}  
Weatherhill Fern (US 30,869) {R}