Poppy of Bairnsley AI (8047) 

Pictured with Ashlyn Hastie and judge, Comeron Ormiston,
after her Supreme Exhibit win at the 2014 National.

Sire:             Lord Montagu of Old Greenlaw (UK BE055400002)
Dam:            Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282)

DOB:            21-8-13

Colour:         Yellow

Comments:  Poppy is a very traditional Highland with a pedigree to match. She has tremendous thickness from her whithers back to her well filled in plates. She is smooth and stylish with impecable structure and is as feminine and "sweet" as you could find. According to judge, Cameron ("Dochy") Ormiston, " ...... she would be at home in any of the better folds in Scotland".

Show Highlights

♦    Grand Champion Female & Supreme Exhibit             - 2014 Highland National Show & Royal Melbourne Show 
                                                                                                         (Highland Feature Breed)



     Jock 26th of Leys (UK XXX857171)
  Ruaidhri 5th of Flodden (UK HIM927709)  
    Claire 11th of Ormsary (UK LIO8329764)
 Lord Montagu of Old Greenlaw (UK BE055400002)    
    Kennapole of Rothiemurchus (UK GRR776759)
   Lady Jane of Old Greenlaw (UK DHO8430122)
    Betidh 17th of Douglas(UKHOH7927631)

 Brogach 1st of Austie (UK0310)
Brogach 4th of Craigowmill (UK 5419891100406)
 Julie of Craigowmill (UK 0098)
 Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282)
Gusgurlach of Windrush (Can 6015) 
 Neila Og of Bairnsley AI (4450)
Molly of Dandaloo ET (1429)