Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow AI (Can 9,609)

Philip 1st of Hi Arrow (Can 9,609)

Sire:              Bart of Benmore (UK 7177)
 Barbara Gaolach of Talbot (Can 5319) {Bl}

DOB:            1.6.96

Colour:         Black  (Bl-R - Heterozygous black)

Comments:  Philip is a very correct bull with good feet. He has improved pastern angle in our fold and adds depth and width in his offspring. His mostly Scottish genetics sees him impart plenty of Highland character as well.

** Until November, 2010, the sire of Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow was thought to be Philip of Strathallan (UK 6983). With the advent of DNA parentage verification, Bart of Benmore (UK 7177) was indeed found to be his sire. Besides a change in pedigree papers, no other changes were required and Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow and all his progeny remain registered in all the herdbooks they were originally registered in. (More information on how this happened.)



    Robert of Meyton (UK 6912)
  Artair of Argaty (UK 7140)  
Sorcha Ruadh 6th of Breachacha (UK 28,004)
Bart of Benmore (UK 7177)    
John of Ulva (UK 6180)
  Bhanna Prionnsa 172nd of Benmore (UK 26,278)  
Bhanna Prionnsa 71st of Benmore (UK 23,577)


     Gille Buidhe of Benmore (Can 3,581) {LR}
  Shelterwood Talbot (Can 4360) {LR}  
    GOF Gwendolyn 1G (Can 2,693)
 Barbara Gaolach of Talbot(Can5319){Bl}    
    Uisdean Dubh of Cailaich (UK 6,933) {Bl}
   Brochaill 5th of Cailaich (Can 4875/UK) {Bl}  
    Brochaill of Cailaich (UK 25,908) {Bl}