Peigin Dubh of Bairnsley AI (5917)

Peigin Dubh of Bairnsley AI (5917)

Sire:              Black Bart of Bultara (950)
Dam:             Peigi of Bairnsley AI (4883)

DOB:            3.8.05

Colour:         Black

Comments:  Peigin is a larger framed, long animal with an extremely quiet nature. She has good feet, a good coat of hair and is very strong through the topline. A near perfect udder, smooth front end and ideal pelvic set up make it very hard to fault this girl.


    Angus Og 2nd of Millerston(Imp UK7258) {R}
  Thomas of Bultara ET (637) {R}  
    Ursula of Auchnacraig (Imp UK 30,099)
 Black Bart of Bultara (950) {Bl}    
    Gille Coir of Pennygown (UK 6883) {Y}
   Joanne of Bultara ET (636)  
    Ulinda of I-Kam (Can 4962) {D}


     GOF Xerxes 2X (Can 5191)
  Trafalgar Benedict (USA 24228) {R}  
    Trafalgar Olivia (US 16108)
 Peigi of Bairnsley AI (4883) {R}    
    GOF Ralph 21R (Can 4094) {Br}
   Leeandra of Tarra Valley ET (3779) {LR}  
    Mamuthli Wanda 1W (Can 4685) {R}