Nuala Og of Bairnsley (5519)

Nuala Og of Bairnsley (5519)

Sire:              Luachmhor Bhuide of Bairnsley (4336)
Dam:             Neila Og of Bairnsley AI (4450) 

DOB:            14.3.03

Colour:         Yellow

Comments:  Nuala is a lovely, deep bodied cow with a classic Highland head and a lot of character. She stands very square, has a well laid in shoulder and good width through the pins. She is very docile, has good legs and a good udder. Her sire was the 2001 National Show Supreme Exhibit and her dam was the 2003 Royal Melbourne Show Supreme Exhibit - some breeding.


     Zoanthros SwainsGBB1Z(Can6032){Y}
  Everest of SwainsZOS1E(Can8700){W}  
    GOF Tabitha 7T (Can 4332) {R}
Luachmhor Bhuide of Bairnsley (4336) {Y}    
    Nicholas of Macquarie (1782) {LR}
   Quality of Macquarie (2871) {R}  
    Merrilee of MacQuarie (1285) {R} 


     Iain Mor of Glenquoich (Can 4567) {R}
  Gusgurlach of Windrush(Can6015){LR}  
    Shelterwood Sally Windrush (Can4154){LR}
 Neila Og of Bairnsley (4450) {R}    
    Gille Coir of Pennygown (UK6883) {Y}
   Molly of Dandaloo (ET 1429) {R}  
    Anne of Glen Aspen (Can 4463) {R}