Nadurrach Dubh of Bairnsley (7286) 

Sire:            Tonaire Ruadh of Bairnsley ET (6574)
Dam:           Newlyn Dubh of Bairnsley AI (6194) 

DOB:            1-4-10

Colour:         Black  (Bl-R - Heterozygous black)

Comments:  Nelly is a naturally thick female & carries this width right through from her pins to her front end. Despite this, she has a well laid in shoulder and a clean brisket. She has a lovely short head, great feet & a lovely udder, with small teat size. She stands naturally wide and with a post at each corner every time in the paddock.

Lana Dail of Ballybrook AI (7,895)
(Owned by Theo Hastie.)
Una Dubh 1st of Bairnsley (8,261)



 Tosgaire of Glengorm (UK/Can 4282)
  Zeus of Swains (Can 6208) {R}  
 Gille Buidhe's Rhodora of Swains(Can3883)
 Tonaire Ruadh of Bairnsley ET (6574)
Scott of Craycombe (UK 7557)
    Finola Buidhe of Mapleview ET (US29,549) {Y}  
 Finola of Dirtaine (US 20,864)


 DuBoise Heliaque (Can 10,941)
   DuBoise Le Coq (Can 12,293)  
 Amber of Morgan (Can 6,736)
  Newlyn Dubh of Bairnsley AI (6194) 
Gusgurlach of Windrush (Can 6015) 
    Neila Og of Bairnsley AI (4450)  
 Molly of Dandaloo ET (1429)