Neila Og Of Bairnsley AI (4450)

Neila Og of Bairnsley (4450)

Sire:              Gusgurlach of Windrush (Can 6015)
           Molly of Dandaloo ET (1429) {R}

DOB:            4.11.2000

Colour:         Red

Comments:  Neila is one of the most traditional, balanced Highland females you will see.  She has great volume  and tremendous thickness throughout. Her structural correctness is her strength - she stands with a post at each corner every time she stops in the paddock. She is very smooth through the shoulder and has an ideal pelvic set-up. She also has the very strong udder and natural docility of her dam. She has been flushed a couple of times for export and has numerous calves in New Zealand.


Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282) Nuala Og of Bairnsley (5519) Newlyn Dubh of Bairnsley AI

Show Highlights
♦ Champion Female                                      - 2005 Royal Melbourne Show
♦ Senior Champion Female                           - 2005 National Show
♦ Reserve Senior Champion Female              - 2004 International Virtual Show
Champion Female and Supreme Exhibit    - 2003 Royal Melbourne Show
♦ Reserve Senior Champion Female              - 2003 National Show
Dam Of:
♦    Grand Champion Female & Supreme Exhibit             - 2013 Royal Melbourne Show
                    Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282)

♦    Senior Champion Female                                             - 2014 Royal Melbourne Show & National Highland Show
                    Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282)                                (Feature Breed)


     Storm of Glenquoich (UK)
  Iain Mor of Glenquoich (Can 4567) {R}  
    Monica 8th of Glenquoich (UK)
 Gusgurlach of Windrush (Can 6015) {LR}    
    Gille Buidhe Benmore (Can 3581) {LR}
  Shelterwood Sally Windrush (Can4154){LR}  
    GOF Kirsch 2K (Can 3154) {LR}


     Fraoch of Douglas (UK 6233)
  Gille Coir of Pennygown (UK6883) {Y}  
    Ellit of Glenforsa (UK 24070)
 Molly of Dandaloo ET (1429) {R}    
    GOF Marshall 16M (Can 3636)
   Anne of Glen Aspen (Can 4463) {R}  
    Morven 6th (Can 3006)