Morag Ruadh of Bairnsley ET (6579)

Sire:              Zeus of Swains (Can 6208)
Dam:             Finola Buidhe of Mapleview ET (US 29,549)

DOB:            25.2.07

Colour:         Red

Comments:  This embryo cow is from a line with character, muscling and structural correctness. Morag is very quiet, has plenty of hair & a beautiful head shape. She has excellent fill across the plates and a very tidy udder. She has the potential to produce some well fleshed & traditional calves with pedigrees to match.

Rummle of Bairnsley AI (8026)  

Show Highlights
While never shown herself, Morag is the dam of:

♦    Junior & Grand Champion Bull                                 - 2014 Highland National Show & Royal Melbourne Show 
                                                                                                         (Highland Feature Breed)
                    {Rummle of Bairnsley AI (8026)}


     Jock of Benmore (UK 6800)
  Tosgaire of Glengorm (UK/Can 4282)  
    Morag Ruadh of Glengorm (UK 25,413)
 Zeus of Swains (Can 6208) {R}    
    Gille Buidhe of Benmore(Can3581/UK){LR}
   Gille Buidhe's Rhodora of Swains(Can3883)  
    GOF Lynnelda (Can 3333)


     Philip 1st of Craycombe (UK 7232) 
  Scott of Craycombe (UK 7557)  
    Jehudith 1st of Craycombe (UK 29,623)
 Finola Buidhe of MapleviewET(US29,549){Y}    
    Shelterwood Tiarnan (US 18,337)
   Finola of Dirtaine (US 20,864)  
    Paula Og 2nd of Dirtaine (US 18,469)