Malda Dubh of Bairnsley AI (8,395)




Sire:             Calum Seoladair Dubh 2nd of Killochries (UK GRA010077) {Bl}
Dam:            Nadurrach Dubh of Bairnsley (7286)

DOB:            13-4-16

Colour:        Black  (Bl-Bl - Homozygous black)

Comments:  Malda is a tremendusly stylish and correct female who exudes femininity. She has more than adequate fleshing, is easy-doing and a beautiful transition through the shoulder.



    Gille Dubh of Ardeonaig (TAR897517) {Bl}
  Calum Seoladair Dubh of Killochries (GRA980065) {Bl}
    Malda Dubh 5th of Rigg (HOR910070) {Bl}
 Calum Seoladair Dubh 2nd of Killochries (UK GRA010077) {Bl}
    Phoil of Cailaich (UK MCU877249) {Bl}
   Una 7th of Rigg (HOR900072) {Bl}  
    Una 2nd of Rigg (UK HOR8530584) {Bl}


 Brogach 1st of Austie (UK0310)
  Brogach 4th of Craigowmill (UK 5419891100406)  
 Julie of Craigowmill (UK 0098)
 Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282)
    Gusgurlach of Windrush (Can 6015) 
   Neila Og of Bairnsley AI (4450)
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