Duboise Lecoq (Can 12,293)

Bu Boise Lecoq (Can 12,293)

Sire:              Du Boise Heliaque (Can 10,941)
Amber of Morgan (Can 6,736)

DOB:            12.5.01

Colour:         Black  (Bl-R - Heterozygous black)

Comments:  Lecoq (AKA "The Rooster") is more than just a black bull - he has some scale & muscling that will compliment most stock in the world. We have noticed that he improves muscling across the plates and adds considerable width from hip down to thurl as well as an excellent depth of loin. His offspring also have great coats, nice horn sets and quiet temperaments. He strengthens toplines and importantly for Highlands, he also improves feet. He also has an excellent scrotal circumference (43cm).


Tied for first place on the 2002 Quebec Bull Test (at not quite 11 months of age)


     Ulka of Swains (Can 4424)
  Forcier 5F (Can 9596)  
    Nanna D’Hunlevent (Can 5540)
 DuBoise Heliaque (Can 10,941)    
    Steven (Can 4711) 
   Delisle Candy (Can 6154)  
    Fernhill Urubu (Can 4626)


     Gille Buidhe of Benmore UK(Can 3581)
  Tamarack of Swains GBB 4T(Can 4302)  
    GOF Morningglory 14M (Can 3469)
 Amber of Morgan (Can 6,736)    
    Royal El Negro of Albeni (Can 3786)
   Samatha of Norgrove (Can 4196)   
    Edina 4th (Can 2528)