Lara Croft of Bairnsley (5,167)

Lara Croft of Bairnsley (5167)

Sire:               Luachmhor Bhuide of Bairnsley (4336)
    Silky of Strathbogie AI (3787)

DOB:            18.2.02

Colour:         Red

Comments:  Lara is  a very stylish, well balanced animal, similar to her sire who was 2001 Nation Show Supreme Exhibit.  She has volume and can not be faulted structurally. She has a lovely udder (plenty of milk and nice, small teats) and good feet. She is a very showy female who has the look and the pedigree to produce some outstanding animals.

Show Highlights
Junior Champion Heifer - 2003 National Show


     Zoanthros SwainsGBB1Z(Can6032){Y}
  Everest of SwainsZOS1E(Can8700){W}  
    GOF Tabitha 7T (Can 4332) {R}
 Luachmhor Bhuide of Bairnsley (4336) {Y}    
    Nicholas of Macquarie (1782) {LR}
   Quality of Macquarie (2871) {R}  
    Merrilee of MacQuarie (1285) {R}


     GOF Marshall 16M (Can 3636)
  GOF Ralph 21R (Can 4094) {Br}  
    GOF Melinda 1M (Can 3490) {LR}
 Silky of Strathbogie AI (3787) {R}    
    Trafalgar Undertaker (USA 19508) {LR}
   Lucinda of Macquarie (842) {R}  
    Fraoch Beadarach of Macquarie (385)