Jock of Cullerne (UK 6,917)

Jock of Cullerne (UK 6916)

Sire:              John 2nd of Ulva (UK 6226)
Dam:             Princess 14th of Leys (UK 24,489)

DOB:            10.12.77

Colour:         Yellow

Comments:  This is one of the best performing bulls in the UK, producing record highest ever sales of two his bulls at Oban (₤20,000, & ₤22,000). He seems to pass on structural correctness, character, good feet and good udders. A bull with length and muscling that will enhance any pedigree.


     Seumas of Douglas (UK 5893) {Y} 
  Ceaternach of Ulva (UK 6131) {R}  
    Lady White 1st of Ulva (UK 17,807) {R}
 John 2nd of Ulva (UK 6226) {R}    
    John of Severie (UK 5285) {R}
   Mor 6th of Mingary (UK21,861) {Y}  
    Morag 3rd of Mingary (UK16,481) {R}


     Iain Ruadh of Douglas (UK5729) {R}
  Niall of Douneside (UK 5986) {R}  
    Oighrig 2nd of Douneside (UK 20,307) {R}
 Princess 14th of Leys (UK 24489) {R}    
    Donnach 2nd of Leys (UK4967) {R}
   Princess 9th of Leys (UK20,124) {R}  
    Princess 7th of Leys (UK17,090) {R}