Jock 26th of Leys (UK 7,171)

Jock 26th of Leys (UK 7171)

Sire:              Hamish of Auchnacraig (UK 6386)
Dam:             Lady 28th of Leys (UK 26,179)

DOB:            7.2.85

Colour:         Red

Comments:  Jock has sired champions in several countries and has been one of the most influential sires in the herdbooks of a number of these countries, including Australia. He most notably improves muscling in his offspring, especially across the plates. He also maintains structural correctness, smoothness and depth of flank.


     Ben Alder of Scone Palace (UK5988) {R}
  Ben Ledi of Scone Palace (UK6152) {R}  
    Princess 3rd of Douneside (UK21,070) {R}
 Hamish of Auchnacraig(UK 6386){R}    
    MacIain of Barbreck (UK 5522) {R}
   Princess Ealasaid 11 of Achnacloich(UK20,777)  
    Princess Ealasaid 6 of Achnacloich(UK 17,575)


     Diarmad of Achnacloich (UK 5759) {R}
  Coirneal Ile (UK 6248) {R}  
    Baravalla Bheag 5th Ile (UK 19,190) {R}
 Lady 28th of Leys (UK 26,179) {R}    
    Coinneach Bheag of Ormsary (UK 5678) {Y}
   Lady 12th of Leys (UK 23,912) {Y}  
    Lady 6th of Leys (UK 18,313) {Y}