Isobail of Cruachan (4167)

Isobail of Cruachan (4167)

Sire:              Tearlach of Cruachan ET (2612)
   Peigi of Cruachan ET (3421)

DOB:            12.7.99

Colour:         Red

Comments:  This is a larger framed, very feminine cow with good Highland character and an extremely quiet temperament.  Isobail (aka 'Licker' because this is what she does to you in the paddock if you stand still) has good width through the hooks and pins and produces excellent feet, temperaments and strong horns in her offspring.


Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI (6262) Sibeal Reidh of Bairnsley AI (5914) Iseabail Buidhe of Glenstrae (8041)

Show Highlights
While never shown herself, Isobail has given us a number of of larger framed, very quiet, show quality animals. Her offspring's show results include:

♦ Reserve Junior Champion Female                 - 2014 Highland National Show & Royal Melbourne Show  (Highland Feature)
    (Iseabail Buidhe of Glenstrae (8041))

♦ Grand Champion Bull & Supreme Exhibit    - 2009 National Show
                    (Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley)
♦ Grand Champion Bull                                    - 2008 National Show
                    (Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI)
♦ Grand Champion Bull & Supreme Exhibit    - 2007 Royal Melbourne Show
                    (Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI)
♦ Reserve Junior Champion Bull                       - 2007 National Show
                    (Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI)


     GOF Xerxes 2X (Can 5191) {Lt R}
  Trafalgar Benedict (USA 24228) {R}  
    Trafalgar Olivia (US 16108) {Y}
 Tearlach of Cruachan (ET)(2612){R}    
    Jock 26th of Leys (UK 7171)
   Mointeag of Trelessick (640) (UK 35545) {R}  
    Aoirig 3rd of Trelessick (NZ 30) (UK 35542)


     Covenant Ulysses 62U (Can 4634)
  GOF Xerxes 2X (Can 5191)  
    Sandra of Norgrove (Can 4202) 
Leadarra of Cruachan ET (3428) {R}    
    Croftgrass Major III (Can 4589)
   Croftgrass Marna VIII (Can 4834)  
    Emerlen Katherine (Can 3236)