Fingal of Auchnacraig (UK 8,082)

Fingal of Auchnacraig (UK 8,082)

Sire:                Coinneach of Pollok {R} (UK 7,457)
Dam:               Walnut of Auchnagraig {R} (UK 30,517)

DOB:            23.3.94

Colour:         Red (light red)

Comments:  Fingal is a bull with length, style and character. He puts his strong toplines and smoothness into his calves, and they have classical Highland heads. They are very clean through the front end and have good hook to pin angles and excellent hook to pin length.


    Exception of Ulva {R} (UK 6,483) 
  Padruaig Ruadh of Douglas {R} (UK 6,914)  
    Barabal 10th of Douglas {R} (UK 25,151)
Coinneach of Pollok {R} (UK 7,457)     
    Angus Og 4th of Glenogle {R} (UK 6,803)
  Alison of Pollock {R} (UK 29,688)   
    Irene of Pollock {R} (UK 25,792) 


    Ben Screel of Scone Palace {R} (UK 6,427)
  Donald Ruadh 3 of Glenogle {R} (UK 6,909)  
    Anabla 9th of Leys {R} (UK 24,468) 
Walnut of Auchnagraig {R} (UK )     
    Brogach of Leys {R} (UK 6,575) 
  Marigold of Auchnacraig {R} (UK 26,536)  
    Dosan Ruadh 16th of Achnacloich {R} (UK 22,050)