Cailleach Donn of Bairnsly AI (6980)

Sire:              Rushmore Bracken (UK 7582)
 Ceitidh of Bairnsley AI (3722) {mahogany}

DOB:            4-1-09

Colour:         Red (Mahogany)

Comments:  Cally has earned her place in our fold because of her beautiful body and feet. She has moderate frame, exceptional thickness and always stands with a post at each corner. Her strong topline beautiful pelvic setup give makes her stand out in the paddock. She is a gentle animal and just loves a scratch. 


Prionnsa 4th Leys (UK 6,792) 
Wallace of Achnacloich (UK 7,199)
Cuailean 56th of Achnachloic (UK 24,909)
Rushmore Bracken (UK 7582) 
Rory Ruadh 3rd of Hungerhill (UK 7,069)
Fleur of Windsworth (UK 31,185)
Fraoch (M) of Pollok (UK 26,432) 


     Jock of Cullerne (UK 6816) {R}
  James of Cruachan ET (1326)  
    Monteag of Trelissick AI (NZ) (640) {R}
 Ceitidh of Bairnsley (3722) {R}    
    Gille Coir of Pennygown (UK 6883) {Y}
   Molly of Dandaloo ET (1429) {R}  
    Anne of Glen Aspen (Imp Can 4463)