Brogach 4th of Craigowmill (UK 5419891100406)

Brogach 4th of Craigowmill

Brogach Beinn of Bairnsley AI (7,479)
Brogach Beinn of Bairnsley AI (7,479) Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282) Somalta of Bairnsley AI (7,284)
Dougal Brogarth of Sea Crest (8,072)
(Bred & Shown by Bronwyn Stewart, Sea Crest Highlands)

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Sire:                    Brogach 1st of Austie (UK PA014400310) {R}
                  Julie of Craigowmill (UK 42,585) {R}

DOB:             9.3.04

Colour:          Red

Comments: Brogach is a true Scottish bull for the future. We have selected him for his breeding (a unique pedigree to Australia), his type and his great feet. Brogach's lines have longevity in them as he comes from one of the largest Highland folds in Scotland that aims to breed functional beef cattle.

He has all the Highland character youBrogach 4th of Austie (head). could want but with frame, muscling and length thrown in. Above all in our selection of this AI sire, we were most pleased with his feet. The photo above looks like he has just come off the trimming table, but in fact has never had his feet touched.

Prior to releasing his semen in 2010, we had used this bull ourselves to allow assessment of his progeny. He has improved muscling across the plates and depth of heel in his calves. He improves horn sets, straightens toplines, adds hair and shortens heads - creating a classical Highland type.


Sire - Brogach 1st of Austie, was Male Champion at the 1998 Royal Highland Show and was still breeding at Craigowmill at 14 years of age.  He was the sire of the 2003 Royal Highland Show Champion, Dossan Og of Craigowmill. His sire is Victor 2nd of Earn who was, at the time, the record priced bull at the 1989 Oban Sale (14,000 Gns - around AU$35,000 at the time), and his dam is a Leys Castle cow.

Dam - Julie of Craigowmill, has bred many fine calves including Brogach 3rd of Craigowmill, a full brother to Brogach 4th of Craigowmill, who was used as a herd sire at Craigowmill for seven years up until 2009. We saw Julie in 2010 when we visited the Craigowmill fold and we were impressed by her depth of thigh, smooth front end, and her head and feet. She was 17 years old and had a cracking calf at foot, with an udder that defied her age. We could see why her name appeared in so many of the pedigrees of stud and show cattle across the UK. Julie's dam, Gillsrow Corrie, was also still there (21 years old) and going strong. Julie's sire, Jock of Innisard, is of Benmore & Millerston breeding.

Show Highlights
Sire Of:
♦     Senior & Grand Champion Bull                                   - 2017 Highland National Show
                Dougal Brogarth of Sea Crest (8,072)

♦     Junior Champion Bull                                                  - 2015 Highland National Show
                Dougal Brogarth of Sea Crest (8,072)
♦    Senior Champion Female                                             - 2014 Highland National Show & Royal Melbourne Show 
                 Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282)                               (Highland Feature Breed)
♦    Grand Champion Female & Supreme Exhibit             - 2013 Royal Melbourne Show
                 Isla Ruadh of Bairnsley AI (7282)
♦     Grand Champion Bull & Supreme Highland Exhibit  - 2011 National Beef Expo
                Brogach Beinn of Bairnsley AI (7,479)
♦     Junior Champion Bull                                                  - 2011 Highland National Show - Cowra
                Brogach Beinn of Bairnsley AI (7,479)



 Niall 2nd of Millerston (UK 6973) {R}
  Victor 2nd of Earn (UK 7323) {R}  
Conachair 6th of Earn (UK 23,748) {Y}
 Brogach 1st of Austie (UK PA014400310 ) {R}
Brogach Alex of Glenfintaig (UK 6755) {Br}
   Ailis 10th of Leys (UK 31,289) {R}  
Alice of Glenquoich (UK 27,030) {R}


 Aonghas of Benmore (UK )
  Jock of Innisard (UK 7480) {R}  
Capleadh 7th of Millerston (UK )
 Julie of Craigowmill (UK 42,585) {R}
Angus Og 4th of Glenogle  (UK)
   Gillsrow Corrie (UK 32,769) {R}  
Gillsrow Kirsty (UK )