Beitidh Bhuide of Cruachan (4,464)

 Beitidh Bhuide of Cruachan (4664)

Sire:                    Ike of Cruachan ET (3415)
Dam:                  Suisaidh of Cruachan AI (3123)

DOB:              3.5.00

Colour:           Yellow

Comments:  Beitidh is a very complete Highland cow, with femininity, muscling and structural soundness. She is very quiet, is smooth through the shoulder and has a good pelvic setup. Her dam was Champion Female at the National Show and the Royal Adelaide Show in the same year.

Doreen May of Bairnsley Beitidh Buidhe of Bairnsley



    Dunleer of Kilkare (Can 2914) {R} 
  Garnet of Hi-Arrow (Can 3708) {LR}  
    Hectora of Hi-Arrow (Can 3024) {R} 
Ike of Cruachan ET (3415) {Y} 
    Croftgrass Major III (Can 4589) {R} 
  Margaret 4th Glen Aspen(Can 6077) {R}  
    Polly of Norgrove (Can 3809) {D} 


    John 2nd of Ulva (UK 6226) 
  Jock of Cullerne (UK 6816) {Y}   
    Princess 14th of Leys (UK 24489) 
 Suisaidh of Cruachan AI (3123/UK) {R}    
    Gille Coir of Pennygown (UK6883) {Y}
  Gaolach of Cruachan ET (1357/UK)  
    Mointeag of Trelissick (640/UK) {R}