Bean Dearg of Bairnsley ET (7,292)

Sire:             Zeus of Swains TOG 13Z (Can 6208)
Dam:           Lady Ruadh 2nd of Mapleview AI (USA 29,185) 

DOB:            26.2.10

Colour:         Brindle

Comments:  Bean is a very traditional Highland with great feet, a lot of natural thickness and more than adequate muscling for a female. With this, she still retains femininity, structural correctness and fineness through the shoulder. She has a proponderance of hair, a beautiful horn set and has a very quiet and trusting nature. Her sire and dam are multi-championship winning Highlands in the North America and her pedigree is very unique to Australia.

Show Highlights
♦     Junior & Grand Champion Female - 2011 Bendigo Beef Expo (at 15 months of age)
♦     Junior Champion Female                - 2011 Royal Melbourne Show



     Jock of Benmore (UK 6800)
  Tosgaire of Glengorm (UK/Can 4282)  
    Morag Ruadh of Glengorm (UK 25,413)
 Zeus of Swains (Can 6208) {R}    
    Gille Buidhe of Benmore(Can3581/UK){LR}
   Gille Buidhe's Rhodora of Swains(Can3883)  
    GOF Lynnelda (Can 3333)


     Philip 1st of Craycombe (UK 7232) 
  Scott of Craycombe (UK 7557)  
    Jehudith 1st of Craycombe (UK 29,623)
Lady Ruadh 2nd of Mapleview AI (USA 29,185)    
    Jock 28th of Leys (UK 7,207)
   Lady Luck 59 (USA 38, 539)  
    Lady 58th of Leys (UK WLC87CY18)