Lauriston Angela (Can 9,579)

Lauriston Angelo (Can 9,579)

Sire:                Yeoman of Swains (Can 5956) {Y}
Dam:               Angie of Elliott (Can 6234) {LR}

DOB:            23.3.95

Colour:         Yellow

Comments:  Angelo has been shown to improve back ends - both in pelvic set-up and muscling. He is very clean underneath and offered us some varied genetics.


    Donald Ruadh of Glenogle (UK 6651) {R}
  Gille Buidhe of Benmore (Can 3581/UK) {LR}  
    Seud Buidhe 2nd of Benmore (UK 22,727) {Y}
Yeoman of Swains (Can 5956) {Y}     
    Munisunk Patrick (Can 3361) {R}
  Swains Penny Cress 1P (Can 3744) {LR}  
    GOF Luckie 13L (Can 3341) {LR}


    GOF Jerry 1J (Can 3161) {LR} 
  Uncle John Maxwell Stonecroft (Can 4575) {R}  
    Raineach of Cnoc Eilidh (Can 4107) {R}
Angie of Elliott (Can 6234) {LR}     
    Heatherwind B A Passade (Can 3948) {LR}
  Xannie of Elliot (Can 4885) {LR}   
    Ronin 2R (Can 4009) {D}